Our shipping rates are as follows:

$10.01-$30.00: $9.00/USPS Priority/Padded Mailer

$30.01-$60.00: $12.00/USPS Priority/Regional Rate A Box (This box is a convenient size between a padded mailer and the medium flat rate box.)

$60.01-$90.00: $14.50/USPS Priority/Medium Flat Rate Box

$90.01 – and up: $23.50/USPS Priority/Large Flat Rate Box – includes insurance and a signature confirmation

• I charge a handling fee to help cover the expenses of mailing envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper shred (also for padding), shipping labels, and shipping program fees. These are expenses required for shipping packages.
• I extend my commercial shipping discounts to you.
• I do ship flat rate with the USPS. I often ship using Regional Rate Priority when able. This tends to be a less expensive option for regions closer to me in Louisiana . (I will always try to ship regionally if less expensive as long as I don’t have to use more packaging to change box sizes.)
• I will package your order in the smallest option available. Due to the varying size of my products, I do end up refunding quite often. For instance: Eight soaps will take up less space than a sampler, but they cost more, and will bump the shipping to the next rate or two. Remember that I will always refund excess charges.
• I do not ship UPS or FedEx as I have not found them to be a less expensive option. I do not ship in the volume required to get a tier rate discount that is worthwhile. Remember, I am not Amazon or other similar companies. 
• I am honored to ship packages to FPO/APO addresses