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How to Enjoy Our Markets

Some of you know I set up at a local Trade Mart a few times a year. I love Farmer’s Markets, French Markets, Craft Fairs and have only begun selling my soaps and stuff the last two years or so at them. Here are some things I have learned to help you enjoy the market better:

Come with an open mind: 

You may find absolutely nothing you want to buy. Conversely, you may want to buy ALL the things. All. Of. Them. Be open to what the vendors have and broaden your horizons.
Come with small bills: 
Ok, this really helps the vendors but it also helps YOU not feel bad about taking all my singles. Countless times in a single market, customers apologize for giving me a twenty, when they are buying a $2 or $4 product. While I have plenty of singles for you, I hate that you feel bad, so just bring some smaller bills and it’ll be less stressful for you.Bring a bag, or three: 
One for your produce; one for breakable; one for soaps (shameless plug). You’ll thank me later when your tomatoes don’t taste like rosemary-mint soap. Although that does sound like a good soap combo!

Talk to the vendors, even if you’re not purchasing anything: 
We LOVE our products and we love getting to know the customers. So talk to us. If there is a line, just be respectful that we may also serve other customers at the same time. We’re all business owners and multi-tasking is our middle name!

Stay a spell: 
Really, we want you to stay for awhile and enjoy it. one of the perks that drew me to my favorite market in Livingston, Louisiana was I got to know people and make friends JUST from being at the market. Don’t be afraid to invite yourself to sit next to a stranger and strike up a conversation. My favorite is simply: What vendor do you recommend I go visit most? Usually there’s live music at some point and also food vendors. It’s a community gathering and brings back a sense of neighborliness that we could all use.

Avoid haggling: 
True. Some items are more expensive. Just keep on going if it doesn’t work for your family economy. No hard feelings. Most of us are small business owners, we work 60+ hours a week, spend countless hours in research and development, making, labeling, setting up…the list goes on. We LOVE our product and the market and feel we are asking a fair price.

Bring a friend: 
I mean, everything’s better with a friend, right?

Come back:
Inventory changes every week. Right now I am mostly packed and ready for March’s market, but already have my inventory for May picked out, too. And it’s not the same. Come back.

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